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By giving entrepreneurs, business and everyday people a platform to launch or grow new and groundbreaking products and/or services, we support our members by providing an opportunity to build cumulative wealth and also access sizeable loans with favourable conditions. Powered by the people, the Foxx River Community has helped in building and scaling over 100 businesses. Foxx River community offers its members the opportunity to earn upto 20% per annum from thrift contribution ( Esusu) and even more by backing carefully vetted campaigns.






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How would you define GROWTH ?

FoxxRiver provides an opportunity for our members to set S.M.A.R.T goals and objectives, hence, your success will be facilitated by our expertise and connections. In simple terms, you can grow your savings with us and earn up to 30% per annum.


Data capture, Data in transit and Data at rest all follow the GDPR requirement for the capture, management and handling of a data subject’s vital information, as such, your information will never be passed to unauthorized third party 1


Managed and automated KYC applications with advanced algorithms ensures the security and protection of user details and accounts.

License & Regulations

Foxx River is registered and recognised locally and internationally. We were first incorporated in November 2016 with the Companies House of England & Wales, Registration number : 10473023 . We are also registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria, RC number 0000000. We are SCUML licensed with the EFCC.


All the investment options advertised are backed by bankable collateral. Savings and contributions are sometimes offered as short term loans to existing and new clients. This is once again contingent upon the provision of satisfactory collateral and verifiable means of repayment.

Our Services

What we offer

Business loans

Being a member of the Foxx River community entitles each client with the opportunity to be considered for both personal and business loans. Our clients ideally rely on our loans to scale an already existing business, purchase a new property, acquire an automobile or perhaps, complete an outstanding real estate project. Join the FoxxRiver community today and find out how we support each other.


From as little as N2,000 monthly, you can start putting away little funds every week or every month for the next 3, 6,9 or 12 months. The funds will be managed by ourselves and interests of up to 15% will be returned alongside the capital at the of the tenure.

Real estate loans and projects

Foxx River Ltd supports real estate development by virtue of development loans. This is equally an opportunity for the members of our community to grow their funds

Thrift (Esusu)

Up to 15% P.A.



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January 2021 Esusu - Thrift contribution

Join this month's ESUSU by saving from only N2,500 for a period...

Foxx River LTD


Feb 2022 Esusu - Thrift collection

Join this month's ESUSU by saving from only N2,500 for a period...

Foxx River LTD


March 2021 Esusu - Thrift Contributions

Join this month's ESUSU by saving from only N2,500 for a period...

Foxx River Nigeria
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Recently Added Projects

36% returns in 18 Months


Backing this project with as little as 5000 guarantees a return...

Raised: ₦9,563,625

Goal: ₦10,000,000

18% returns in 10 Months

Backing this project with as little as 5000 guarantees a return of 30%...

Raised: ₦2,014,110

Goal: ₦16,000,000

35% returns in 18 months


Backing this project with as little as 5000 guarantees a return...

Raised: ₦3,000,705

Goal: ₦11,300,000


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